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Saint Joseph’s Seminary is committed to providing all of its students with every opportunity and with all services and resources needed for them to graduate on time and to achieve the Intended Student Learning Outcomes for their degree programs.

The students who attend Saint Joseph’s Seminary fall into a number of categories: Major Seminarians who are studying for the ordained priesthood, Permanent Diaconate candidates, graduate students in philosophy who are preparing for entrance into the Major Seminary, lay men and women, ordained clergy and men and women in consecrated life.

Saint Joseph’s Seminary presently offers four degree programs at its three locations: Master of Divinity (MDiv - for major seminarians in Yonkers), Master of Arts in Theology (MA Theo - Yonkers and Huntington), Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS - Yonkers and Huntington) and Master of Arts in Catholic Philosophical Studies (MACathPhil - Douglaston).


Program Completion Rate:

With the aggregation of all diocesan Master Degree Programs in the downstate New York region to St. Joseph’s Seminary in the Fall of 2013, two of the seminary’s degree programs (MAPS and MA CathPhil) are new and have not as yet yielded enough data to be listed. Thus, the three degree programs for which sufficient data exist are the MDiv, MATheo and the Master of Arts in Religious Studies programs.

On average, seminarians in the MDiv program complete their degrees in 4 years, while the seminarian MATheo students (prior to the most recent revision of the curriculum) complete their degree in one year and the MARS students graduate within 4-5 years of their enrollment.

  • Master of Divinity Degree: 86% Completion Rate
    • New Enrollees from 2001-2010: 113
    • Students completing their degrees 2005-2014: 97
  • Master of Arts in Theology: 95.8% Completion Rate
    • New Enrollees from 2005-2013: 48
    • Students completing their degrees 2006-2014: 46
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies: 77% Completion Rate
    • New Enrollees from 1997-2007: 202
    • Students completing their degrees 2002-2012: 155

The Master of Arts in Religious Studies degree no longer accepts new students as of the Fall of 2013 and will graduate its last students in the Spring of 2015. In addition, many of those who originally enrolled in the MARS program from 2008-2012 have switched programs and now are studying as MATheo and MAPS students. Thus, the most accurate data for the effectiveness of the MARS program encompass those students who enrolled between 1997-2007 and finished their degree within the expected time of 5 years (i.e., 2002-2012).


Employment Placement Rate:

All of the seminarians (Category 1) who completed their Master of Divinity between 2001 and 2010 have been ordained priests and serve in their local diocese or Community of Consecrated Life. The employment rate for this category is 100%.

The only students who have completed the MATheo degree thus far at Saint Joseph’s Seminary are seminarians as well, since the MATheo degree program was opened up for all students only in the Fall of 2013. Thus, the MATheo graduates are presently all ordained priests and their employment placement rate is also 100%.

Students have pursued the MARS degree for a variety of both personal and professional reasons. 79% of our MARS graduates have obtained professional positions in pastoral ministry at local schools, parishes and church-based agencies. Among the remaining 21% are those who offer pastoral service on a part-time or volunteer basis in their local parishes and dioceses and those who earned their degree for the purposes of individual theological and spiritual enrichment.


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